Revitalizing Local Economies,
Reinstating Sustainable Living

Our Project Based Interventions to Strengthen
Sustainable Agriculture and Local Economy


Implementing interventions that are innovative, experimental and demonstrative in nature leading to commercial viability and hence improving farmer' income.


Planning and carry out interventions that involve development of new products in agriculture, predominantly, prototypes/technology/patening/extension support for technology, knowledge, information, marketing, etc.


Promoting cottage industries at the village level to produce value added products in agriculture and also in food processing.


Facilitating the farming community to get access to relevent Government schemes so as to unleash their complete potential.


Making use of existing infrastructures and also to bring new infrastructures with the support of Government and other agenciesin order to benefit the farming community.


Supporting Farmers to get involved in agriculture and allied /animal husbandry activities by conceptualizing right models of business development in that space.


Promoting Local Tourism by identifying and projecting the historical and the traditional importance of that region,people,art and culture.


Promoting and helping establish crucial market linkages that help remove supply chain bottlenecks and ensure seamless movement of agri-produce all year round, enabling farmers to get fair prices for their hard work.